Muslim Women threatens – We Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Face Veils. Do You Support This?

Is it legal and allowed to wear a Burka in the United states?

Yes, it is authorized to wear a burka (or burqa) in the United States.  It is protected by the First Amendment. Still, There are a few times when the burka must be removed,  such as when being photographed for a passport, driver’s license, or other official identification.

Most agencies follow guidelines similar to Illinois’ rules on removing a burka for a driver’s license or State ID photo (the hijab, or hair covering, may be left on, but the face must be visible).

Anti-mask laws in the US are generally used as an aggravating factor to enhance penalties when the masks are worn while committing crimes.  For instance, if a person wears a mask while committing what would otherwise be a misdemeanor battery, that crime can be prosecuted as a felony (aggravated battery).

Some Muslims say that  a Christian nun should be also considered when it comes to veils ban. That is If we prohibit the Burqa, a religious headdress, then why do we not prohibit the nun’s headdress as well? Sure, it doesn’t cover up the face, but a nun’s clothing covers almost everything. The United States and  the United Kingdom  do not ban the Burqa because they understand that it is the individual’s right to wear religious clothing.

What about you, Please comment your opinions below?

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