FBI Quietly Admits That Hillary Clinton Belongs In Prison After All

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupted politician ever. Fortunately, the bones that she’s hidden in her body are at last coming into the light for everyone to see.

The Clinton Foundation, to my mind, is quite simply the biggest cesspool of corruption and illegality in modern American politics. There’s nothing else like it in size and scope in modern American federal politics.

The Foundation has collected, I believe, about $2B (Yes, that’s a B, as in Billion!) since inception, and pulls in $100M+ per year. All of this is being done under the designation of it being “a charity”. But apparently they are paying out less than 15% of the gross revenue in actual benefits.

Meanwhile they are keeping people on staff, having administrative support, doing polling on issues, locating and identifying “like-minded Americans”, shuttling the Clintons themselves around the world, and actually paying the Clinton’s salaries – all tax free. The Foundation has been a full-time marketing mechanism, and non-stop proto-campaign for the Clintons for years.

All throughout the 2016 campaign, the FBI maintained the silly notion that, although Clinton committed serious crimes, she did so by mistake. Now, thanks to a release that got picked up by Wikileaks, the FBI has officially admitted that Clinton knew she was breaking the law, and lied through her teeth the whole time.

Patriots, this isn’t shocking news. This is just the sort of behavior we have come to expect.
The entire Clinton family has a problem with the truth, with Hillary being the biggest fibber of them all. She is compulsive. She cannot help herself.

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