Proof That Obama STOLE Over $1 BILLION From Social Security – You Won’t Believe Who He Gave It To!

The control of Illegal immigration may support us to find solutions to sevearl other troubles in our country. Among those problems are crimes like drug and human trafficking, violence, and the wasteful spending of our tax dollars.

On Friday, the Office of the Inspector General released the results of a recent audit, which showed thousands of cases of benefits being paid to individuals without Social Security numbers. The amount totaled over $1 billion.

The money was paid out over the last 10 years to more than 22,000 individuals.

What is worse, the report also illustrated that since 2004, over $800 million went to people whose access to benefits were supposed to have been withdrawed.

Additionally, We the People will be paying over $180 million per year in profits. We’ll carry on to paying individuals with no Social Security numbers if we don’t take urgent action to correct this dilemma.

This is Obama’s government, patriots. This is what the Democrat side of the aisle stands for these days.

They’ll keep criticizing about Barron Trump getting Secret Service protection that includes only taking him to school, because radical liberals are threatening a child and his mother, but they’ll laugh at the fact hundreds of millions of dollars are wasted every day to pay for people that don’t even belong in this country.

They would like to carry on defending, and paying for illegals. It’s time to expose every last one of them, they should be kicked out the office, and take this country back by putting people in office that truly care about We the People, and not some criminal thugs sneaking across the border under the cover of night.