Trump Vows To Put His Own Face On American Currency. Do you support this?

Trump Vows To Put His Own Face On American Currency (IMAGE) There has been a new debate about changing the picture featured in our currency and bills.

There is an enormous split among people about replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill with a picture of Harriet Tubman. It was that debate that pushed to Trump’s offensive notes ,“Tubman? I mean…who is she? She not even pretty. Why do we want her? Look, here’s what’s…it’s going to be great, really great… as soon as I’m elected we’re going to change the face. But’s going to be my face. Can you imagine? I’m told it’s a very handsome face.

Not the twenty though. That’s a loser bill. I’m going on the hundred. A great bill. I could go on the thousand. That’s what I deserve but not enough people have them. The hundred is something everyone walks around with. It’ll be gorgeous…so good. We don’t need Franklin anymore. What did he ever do? He wasn’t even president.”

No updates yet about how the US Treasury thinks about the proposal of Trump currency.