Trump Just Had An Earth-Shattering Self Realization, ‘People Really F*cking Hate Me’

President Trump made what may be the captain clear statement of the year this week.  He was overheard telling an assistant, “People really f@#king hate me,” according to a report by  

Is the emperor finally realizing he’s not wearing any clothes?  almost certainly not, but the timing of this telling disclosure proposes that the praise-hungry president is keen on to go to extraordinary lengths to develop his picture with the public – even it means doing the right thing.

Earlier this week, in a appalling turn of events, President Trump shunned Republican congressional leadership and brokered a debt ceiling deal with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) instead.

On the surface, this was just politics as usual, a move that would not have raised many eyebrows if it had been any other President who sided with the opposition party.  But for President Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Pelosi and Schumer, and has even encouraged his Republican allies in the Senate to change long-standing rules to ram unpopular legislation through, cutting a deal with Democrats is a shocking development.

Is this a sign that he’s had enough with congressional Republicans, who, despite controlling both houses of congress, have failed to pass any meaningful legislation that he can sign?  If Republicans can’t get him wins, maybe the Democrats can, Trump may be thinking.

The most credible explanation, one that this self-realization proposed, is that the President, more than anything else, needs praise.  Whether it’s in the form of television ratings, or polls, or some other concrete measure he can point to, however inconsequential, he needs constant reaffirmation that what he’s doing is good for someone.

Source: occupydemocrats